Laboratory Analysis

Cotecna’s laboratories offers a broad range of analysis and testing services to assess every aspect of your product, from composition to quality.

Whether you're a food manufacturer bringing a new product to market, a farmer interested in knowing the composition of your feed, or an exporter needing to ensure your commodity complies with international quality standards, our experienced staff will help you determine the most appropriate tests for your product.

Our laboratory is outfitted with the latest advanced equipment to cover the testing needs of a variety of industries including food, oils, grains and feeds, and fertilizer.

From raw materials and ingredients to finished products, our analysis affords you the confidence of knowing with certainty the chemical, physical, and qualitative value of your commodity.

Key Benefits

  • Brand protection & reputation safeguarding
  • Compliance with quality and safety standards
  • Consumer health protection
  • Establishment of fair market value for commodities
  • Guarantee the quality of your product
  • Have confidence in your supply chain
  • Mitigate risk and avoid financial losses

Laboratory Analysis Services


From ingredients to finished products, Cotecna’s microbial analysis allows you to evaluate the safety and quality of your goods through the entire production cycle.

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Chemical and Analytical Testing

Cotecna’s laboratory offers a broad range of chemical and physical testing to assess every aspect of your product, from composition to quality.

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Nutritional Analysis

Cotecna offers both lab-based and data-based nutritional testing, helping you create the most up-to-date, FDA compliant nutritional labels for your products.

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Shelf Life Studies

In North America, we deliver shelf life studies to the food and beverage industry to determine the length of time a product retains its quality and safety under certain storage conditions.

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Allergen Testing

Cotecna helps to ensure food safety and consumer health, while avoiding food recalls caused by undeclared allergens on a food label by providing cost-effective solutions to test for the presence of the "Big 8" FDA regulated allergens.

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Request an Analysis

To learn more about our chemical and analytical testing services, or to request an analysis for your business, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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