Our Services

Cotecna has a worldwide network of laboratories that provide a wide range of analytical testing on agricultural commodities and food products.

Cotecna is an analyst and superintendent member of both the Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA) and also the Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fat Associations (FOSFA).

In North America, we have invested considerably in developing customized solutions designed to support the agricultural and food industries in the trade and commercialization of their products locally and internationally.

With the increasing quality and health safety concerns , it has become imperative for industries dealing with agricultural commodities, raw ingredients and processed food to thoroughly test along the supply chain to ensure compliance with local and international regluations and standards. We are equipped to provide clients with enhanced testing capabilities designed to respond to the the growing quality and safety demand.

The benefits of testing that our clients can expect to enjoy include, but are not limited to: quality and health safety compliance, brand protection, increased consumer confidence, supply chain traceability and transparency, competitive advantage, risk mitigation, and accurate, unbiased and timely reports.

Agriculture and Food Inspection

Our comprehensive range of services for agricultural commodities can help you to mitigate risk on contractual and regulatory obligations, ensure customer satisfaction and deliver peace of mind.

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Laboratory Analysis

Cotecna’s laboratories offers a broad range of analysis and testing services to assess every aspect of your product, from composition to quality.

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Verification of Conformity

Our VOC service helps exporters ensure that their consignments comply with local importing regulations, avoiding potential fines and delays, and achieving faster customs clearance.

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